Building individual and collective resilience




We create conversations within and between communities which have experienced trauma. We facilitate the practical application of trauma models in people's lives to build individual and collective resilience. 

Who we are

We are a collective of professionals working in the field of mental health, therapy and trauma. We come together to develop and facilitate conversations, resources and materials about trauma and associated issues.

Our aims are

To nurture a network between trauma survivors, academics and healthcare providers

To tackle isolation, to educate, to be creative and to do it all with warmth and empathy

To bring to light those stories in society that are difficult and hidden,

in the hope that through discussion and openness, we can understand, heal and start to rebuild.

All of the resources on this website are available for free. We believe that money should not be an obstacle to seeking good mental health. We are also not a charity, business or organisation, merely a group of people who are interested in trauma, care about good, well researched, accessible information and who give up some time when we can to new ideas and projects.

We do ask that if you find these resources useful and you are a business, company, charity or person with a disposable income, that you make a donation to one of Katherine or Jeremy’s favourite charities and let them know that you found them through Trauma Talks. Charities to consider: SurvivorsUK www.survivorsuk.org. Refugee Youth Service www.refugeeyouthservice.net. Freedom from Torture www.freedomfromtorture.org