Psychotherapist / Counsellor / Trainer

Katherine has a background in social work and 12 years experience working as a psychotherapist with different individuals and groups who have experienced trauma including sexual abuse, HIV, life limiting health conditions, bereavement, suicide and self-harm. Currently she is based at SurvivorsUK as counsellor, supervisor and groupwork co-ordinator as well as working through SurvivorsUK with Westminster Homelessness Projects with people who have experienced trauma in the context of homelessness. She is committed to and passionate about promoting people's ongoing ability to make reparative connections with themselves, their world and with others following trauma and those connections building lives and communities of resilience.



Facilitator / Psychotherapist / Creative

Jeremy started his work life in the arts. For over a decade he created theatre shows and experiences that explored social behaviour and the science behind them. He soon started working with marginalised communities to help bring overlooked stories from society into the mainstream. Through this process he became interested in the healing power of group work and peer support. This led him to design and facilitate therapeutically informed support groups. He has worked in a broad range of settings and sectors including, prisons, homelessness, refugee children, adolescents managing long term health conditions, young people caught in a cycle of violence or gang culture, NEETS and within child and adult SEND settings. 

He has managed projects for Public Health England, the Department of Health and many NGOs and charities. In 2016 he joined the team at SurvivorsUK and with Katherine Cox, designed and facilitates their therapeutically informed support groups. He also has a private counselling practice and sees clients one to one online https://www.jeremysachs.com



Contributor / Creative

Lady Unchained’s mission is to prove that there is life after prison. 

Through poetry she tells her own personal story and the stories of those with experience of the criminal justice system that are often left untold, because of shame, stigma and negative labels. With the support of her friends, she was inspired to set up Unchained Poetry, a platform for artists with experience of the criminal justice system.

Lady Unchained has now worked with a number of charities, including Body and Soul Charity, Working Chance and Safe Ground. She hosts Unchained Nights in partnership with Artsadmin at Toybee Stations, a night of inspirational storytelling, through poetry and music, performed by artists with lived experience of the justice system. www.unchainedpoetry.com